Healthy Babies

Healthy Babies is a child abuse prevention program targeted to vulnerable families to ensure that all parents have the knowledge and resources needed to raise healthy children in safe, loving homes. 

The program helps pregnant women and new parents successfully meet challenges by pairing them with supportive and knowledgeable home visitors who have extensive training and expertise in parenting and child development.  Home visitors connect parents with a wide range of community resources to meet the changing needs of families and children as they develop.  

During home visits, new and expecting parents learn to solve problems, manage stress, and enjoy and understand their child at every stage, from infancy to kindergarten. 

“My home visitor has been so critically important to me during my pregnancy and after. She has helped me to accomplish my goals, keep my partner and I from splitting up by counseling me about better communication. She has been so helpful in every area that I started out completely stressed out about everything in the beginning. I have made so much progress. I value the program for many of the changes in my life.”


For more information about the Healthy Babies Program, contact Program Manager Sue Van Wazer at 530-265-9550 ext 233