Child Safety Puppeteers

The Child Safety Puppeteers program recruits and trains local high school students to perform educational puppet shows in elementary school classrooms countywide. The developmentally appropriate performances teach children how to recognize abuse, inappropriate touching, and bullying. 

The puppet shows give children the skills they need to identify abuse if it occurs, articulate the issue with simple and accurate language, and find safe and appropriate adults who can help. This unique program is offered free of charge to thousands of students each year at local elementary schools.

The Puppeteers Safety Rules

Always Ask First

Children are told to ask a parent, or the person taking care of them, before leaving any area or before accepting a gift from anyone. Even if they know the person.

Say NO, then GO and TELL

Children can say NO to any touch that makes them uncomfortable. They should seek safety and tell a trusted adult as soon as possible about any situation that is uncomfortable or threatening. They need to keep telling until they feel heard.

Private Parts

Are defined as the parts of their body that are covered by their bathing suit.

Touching Rule

Children are told that no one should touch a child’s private parts except to keep them clean and healthy. No one should ask a child to touch their private parts for any reason.

Never Keep Secrets That Make You Feel Uncomfortable or Scared

Children should not be asked to keep secrets or to keep any threat secret.

Puppet Show Scripts

Our puppet show scripts vary by grade level, first introducing concepts about personal safety to the youngest students and then reinforcing and expanding the subject material as appropriate in the ensuing grade levels.

​Please feel free to read through the scripts so that you are aware of the material that will be presented to students and so you can be assured of its applicability and appropriateness.

For more information about the Child Safety Puppeteers Program, please contact Linda Collins – Program Manager at 530-265-9550 ext 237